Fashion for Petite Women

by Malissa Lewis
Hi everyone,  welcome to my blog! I am Malissa, a federal employee by day and a part-time brand ambassador with a passion for fashion. I learned to be self reliant and enterprising at a tender age by working with my grandmother who was a seamstress. That spirit and my undeniable passion for fashion drove me to create OutTheBoxbyM, a fashion blog displaying my personal style, trends and fashion tips. My friends would tell you that I have an effortless sense of style, which is grounded in sophistication and elegance.



In 2007, I graduated from Pace Law School and started my career in the public sector. Despite having a successful career, my passion for fashion never faded. I started blogging as an escape from my routine life and quickly realized that fashion is my creative outlet.


The opportunity to attend the last three seasons of  NYFW gave me a glimpse into the fashion industry, especially on how trends start on the catwalks or on the street, and filter down to retail. I am enjoying my blogging journey and am excited to see where it takes me.  Make sure you subscribe for updates, alerts and the latest fashion news. Enjoy! 


      “People will stare. Make it worth their while.” —Harry Winston

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