From Ethiopia with Love

In May, I took a trip to Ethiopia with a few friends for a dear friend’s wedding. I initially did not know what to expect but Ethiopia turned out to be an experience of a lifetime. An experience that cannot be described in words. What I can say is that Ethiopia has a culture comparable to none: fashion, food, music! To add, we had the warmest welcome and the met some of the most loving people. My stay in Addis Ababa was a week packed of activities but for purposes of this blog, I will highlight ta few.  We arrived in Addis Ababa on May 12th just in time for the pre-wedding party. That night started off at bride’s parents house and ended at Flirt Lounge where we danced the night away to Ethiopian music. May 14th was a big day for the bride and groom. There was a morning ceremony at the Sheraton Addis and a mind blowing reception at the Millennium Hall. On May 16th, the newly weds, the wedding party and some guest took a trip to Kuriftu Resort and Spa. On our final night in Addis Ababa we were privileged to attend the Melse which in my opinion was a cultural extravaganza attended by some of the most beautiful women in the world adorned in Ethiopian dresses and traditional jewellery. Enjoy the gallery below for a glimpse of my Ethiopian experience.

From Ethiopia with Love! 


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