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Kepaza by Pernille Fristad

Kepaza by Pernille Fristad is a fashion line based in Norway. I had the opportunity to meet Pernille during NY Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2017/2018 Shows, produced by New York Fashion Week Fashion Gallery. In an interview with Pernille, I  discovered that her passion for fashion started from a young age. She studied fashion design at Rud High school in Norway where she became a dress and costume maker. She went on to attend Fashion school Esmod Oslo until 2014, where she graduated with Collection Sculpted Fluidity and was awarded “The Golden Needle” for being the best student for 3 years. Here is a preview of our interview followed by a gallery of pieces from the spring summer 2017 collection featuring model, Lauren.
OutTheBoxbyM: Why did you decide to become a fashion designer?
Pernille Fristad: I wanted to be a fashion designer because I have always loved to be creative, draw, paint, sew and use my hands. So when I was 10 I got my first sewing machine and a few years later I found out that it was actually possible to work as a fashion designer.
OutTheBoxbyM: What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?
Pernille Fristad: My favorite part of being a fashion designer is getting new inspiration and then to start designing and putting the collection together with colors, prints and details. I love the whole process of beginning to end and the catwalk shows are so much work and fun. I feel so lucky that I can work as a fashion designer every day! My Kepaza brand; makes playful, unique, edgy, strong and feminine clothes with unique colors, shapes and styles. Women wearing clothes by Kepaza makes a statement and it should be fun wearing it.
OutTheBoxbyM: What were your inspirations for the designs for NYFW Fall Winter 2017 shows?Pernille Fristad: My inspiration for the collection I showed at NYFW Fall Winter 2017 was different water types and shapes; sea, ice, dripping water, different waves and melting ice.  The collection was named: “Add water”


Designer: Kepaza by Pernille Fristad/Photography: Kristinaanor papa/Model: Lauren


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