Party Wear

The Statement Jumpsuit

Are you looking to turn heads this fall? Then I recommend that you try the jumpsuit trend.  Gone are days when you have to wear a dress for formal events. Jumpsuits are the perfect fashion-forward alternative for parties, special occasions and attending weddings. It’s an original way to stand out and make turn heads as you enter the room. Today, I am bringing to you a jumpsuit perfect for any special occasion. It comes with clean lines, a fall trendy color and rich detailing. This fresh design will make you look at one-piece ensembles with a new light. Eggplant is one of the most flattering colors I have in my wardrobe. To complete this look, I opted for leopard shoes, small Louis Vuitton purse and bold gold accessories.  Enjoy the gallery!
fullsizeoutput_33c3fullsizeoutput_33a7fullsizeoutput_33b0IMG_2770fullsizeoutput_33b7fullsizeoutput_33c0Jumpsuit: Lavish Alice / Shoes: Gucci / Purse: Louis Vuitton
Simplify your life and wear a jumpsuit -unknown

Lavish AliceLipstickQueen UK Week25 Free Delivery Over £30 728x90


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