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Bell bottoms made a come back a few years ago. The seventies bell shaped pants are rocked by the daring fashionistas but you can rock it too. Start by adding a pair of flares or two to your wardrobe. You will need to style these pants correctly to pull this off this ultra cool look. I’ve created a handy guide to give you the know-how on how to style bell bottoms.

Go Vintage with a modern twist!- Vintage is always better! They knew how to rock these babies back in the days. If you can’t snag yourself a vintage pair take some inspiration from authentic styles with modern trends such as ruffles. Buy the Right Style When buying bell bottoms make sure to buy a style that just brushes the ground and make sure the thigh area is super tight fitted or the bottom won’t show off that beautiful bell shape! Fabric – Rock bell bottoms in classic fabrics like thick paisley or thick fabrics. The Right Pair of Heels – The bell bottom style is all about the legs. They elongate by making your leg look like one perfect line all the way to the ground! Sounds cool, right? The secret is to rock your most comfortable pair of pumps underneath. They add some concealed height all the while making sure the hem doesn’t drag along the ground.

Top and Clutch: bcbgmaxazria | Pants: Scripted

Would you rock a pair of bell bottoms? Let us know in the comments below! Whether or not you’ll be rocking them, they’re back baby and we know you’ll be seeing a lot of them.  Shop the trend!

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