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No More Skinny Jeans

For a long time, every pair of jeans I owned were skinny. So when skinny jeans started to slowly die I died a little inside and panicked. I mean, what the hell am I supposed to wear now? Boyfriend jeans, flare jeans, mom jeans? I mean they are okay but they don’t fit my bum properly nor make my legs look long and skinny. As a result, I continued to wear shinnies for a little while longer and still do even today sometimes. But I’ve grown to appreciate the alternative, especially in mom jeans , boyfriend jeans and the high rise wide-leg jeans.

High waist jeans are everywhere and have been for a long time. This denim style, however, is essentially the antithesis to the skinny, taking the snug fit out of your jeans and replacing it with an extremely loose fit, in non-stretch denim. The high waist wide-leg jean is a nod to the Seventies and super comfortable. For this look, I styled the wide-leg jeans with platform heels and cropped sequined top for the perfect holiday party look.

Shop the look: Jeans – SheIn. Use my code BF191494 or Q4outthebox for an extra 15% off all purchases until December 31.

Jeans represent democracy in fashion.”
-Giorgio Armani

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